Why Poetry in the Content?

Why Poetry? “Poetry has become one of the most under utilized, and underestimated mediums in modern culture” K.M. Berkley For the average ELA teacher poetry is something taught if lucky as a 2 week course in April during the “poetry month” weeks that are not testing weeks. Poetry has been stamped as the ugly stepContinue reading “Why Poetry in the Content?”

Why Multimodal?

Bad Habits For far too long educators have hidden behind their basal’s and state tests. They preach the 5-paragraph-essay because it “works” and gives the “best results.” They often claim they offer choice which normally looks like having students decide between two prompts and using a five-paragraph essay to respond. Enough is enough. Unfortunately asContinue reading “Why Multimodal?”

A Small Creek in the Wood A.L. 6/28

The sun beats on our heads and sweat dances down our necks. The winding path led by flaxen hair, a true woodsman. Confidently leading his followers to an oasis only some know. The sounds of cicadas gently hum as they nestle back into the ground and the sun flickers above as the sun reflects offContinue reading “A Small Creek in the Wood A.L. 6/28”

Follow the Script A.L. 4/20

Follow the script 75 minutes  Scratch paper doesn’t count for your answers  Try your best  Follow the script  Arbitrary questions  Language which is trickery  “Gotcha”  Follow the script A summative assessment  Hours of projects, standards assessed, feedback given  Boiled down to a test  Follow the script  I am a robot  Unable to help, prompt orContinue reading “Follow the Script A.L. 4/20”

Clouds of Splendor/ Shutdown 4/6 A.L.

Clouds of Splendor Clouds of splendor- white and bright Glide across the sky with ease Light hues of blue kiss the atmosphere No end in sight Blossoms perch on display announcing spring has awoken Buds peeling open petal by petal Warm breeze sweeps across my face April Shutdown Eye contact- lost Speaking through others toContinue reading “Clouds of Splendor/ Shutdown 4/6 A.L.”

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