A Small Creek in the Wood A.L. 6/28

The sun beats on our heads and sweat dances down our necks. The winding path led by flaxen hair, a true woodsman. Confidently leading his followers to an oasis only some know. The sounds of cicadas gently hum as they nestle back into the ground and the sun flickers above as the sun reflects off of the trees causing a golden light show.

At the end of the path a soft trickling comes from the bottom of the valley. A small forgotten water. A treasure for our fearless leaders.

Splashing, giggling, tadpole searching a 2-year-olds delight. Forts to be made, rocks to be skipped, red stained cheeks.

Smiles plastered on their faces, mud smeared into their shoes, pure delight.

In an unforgotten wood, down a little creek… lend your ear

You may hear the sweetest sounds of summer

Published by Abigail Lund

Abigail teaches 5th grade science and math to her fabulous kiddos in Cincinnati. She earned her BA at Judson University in Chicago-land and is working on her Masters in Teaching at Miami University through the Ohio Writing Project. She has a passion for integrating writing and reading into all contents. She loves coffee about as much as her husband and baby son… and is a self-proclaimed lifetime learner. Catch up with daily happenings and ramblings on Twitter @mrsablund or via email Abigaillund@foresthills.edu.

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