Follow the Script A.L. 4/20

Follow the script 75 minutes  Scratch paper doesn’t count for your answers  Try your best  Follow the script  Arbitrary questions  Language which is trickery  “Gotcha”  Follow the script A summative assessment  Hours of projects, standards assessed, feedback given  Boiled down to a test  Follow the script  I am a robot  Unable to help, prompt orContinue reading “Follow the Script A.L. 4/20”

Remember the Paperless Movement? (4/15/TJW)

Early Times About 10 years ago, we had the capacity to replace paper. I mean, we did before that. But it would have been kind of an ordeal: Not all of us wanted to read books on CRT monitors, soldiering through the flickering. Not all of us had easy access to digital scanners to getContinue reading “Remember the Paperless Movement? (4/15/TJW)”

Alone at Whistling Arch (4/12/TJW)

Last week, on my Spring Break, I found myself sitting alone at a backcountry campsite near Whistling Arch at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. The weather was “feels like” 28 degree weather, and when the sun started going down, I began to move around my campsite, supplementing the logs I had purchased for aContinue reading “Alone at Whistling Arch (4/12/TJW)”

Clouds of Splendor/ Shutdown 4/6 A.L.

Clouds of Splendor Clouds of splendor- white and bright Glide across the sky with ease Light hues of blue kiss the atmosphere No end in sight Blossoms perch on display announcing spring has awoken Buds peeling open petal by petal Warm breeze sweeps across my face April Shutdown Eye contact- lost Speaking through others toContinue reading “Clouds of Splendor/ Shutdown 4/6 A.L.”

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