Teachers as Researchers 3/29 A.L.

[I’m working on my masters so this is a response to my reading this week.] “Teacher Research is a natural extension of good teaching” (Shagory, 2008)  Have you ever… critique of the classroom Have you ever walked into a classroom and all the students are sitting working on worksheets the whole class period? Or maybeContinue reading “Teachers as Researchers 3/29 A.L.”

The Sharpener (3/30/TJW)

One would think that if pencil sharpeners had instruction manuals, they’d all be the same. But to really mimic the multiple stages that coexist in the most basic sharpening method–a knife and a pencil–one needs more than one stage. I didn’t understand the two stage sharpener until I was far too old to not knowContinue reading “The Sharpener (3/30/TJW)”

Red Pens (3/28/TJW)

We first come to this through error. Red pen marks are endemic in checkmarks, minuses, pluses, letters “A” through “F”–excepting “E”–admonishments, and praise. If our first confrontation with the red pen was in school, it may not have been pleasant, though their use obviously comes from the contrast between black text and red annotation. (TheContinue reading “Red Pens (3/28/TJW)”

Shalom A.L. 3/27

A Full House  Laughter echoed throughout  Family gathered closely  Hot kitchen busied with working mamas  Smells of savory lamb and potatoes baking  Bottles of red wine half full  Fine china and glasses spatter the table  Kids scampering  Quiet  Leader begins  Shushes and distractions offered to the children  Songs sung, words spoken, ritual fulfilled  Two glassesContinue reading “Shalom A.L. 3/27”

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