Biking Around Vancouver, Trip 3: Mitchell “Island”

This was another one of those bike till you get lost, and the Google your way back home bike rides. Well, kind of. More accurately, it was a know where you’re going bike-ride, mixed with seeing something cool and going that way–and then not knowing quite how to get back. Mitchell Island is a patchContinue reading “Biking Around Vancouver, Trip 3: Mitchell “Island””

Biking Around Vancouver, Trip 2: Biking back to Little Italy + a Walk to the East Village (2/24/21)

Midtown is about 6-7km from our place, and it’s another one of those downhill on the way there, uphill on the way back kinds of ride. From our house, you hop on the Sunrise Bikeway, which takes you down a few bikepaths and backroads all the way down to Little Italy, and then you canContinue reading “Biking Around Vancouver, Trip 2: Biking back to Little Italy + a Walk to the East Village (2/24/21)”

Last of the Daylight 2/23 A.L.

(Possible conclusion of Mae’s story… I’m jumping all over here so hopefully if you are reading along I’m not confusing you too much) As Mae winds down the cobblestone streets, a flash of memories comes flooding back to her. She is 18 again with her long flowing golden flaxen hair. Her dress is tossed byContinue reading “Last of the Daylight 2/23 A.L.”

Biking Around Vancouver: Trip #1 (2/22/21)

My father-in-law is a therapist, which comes in handy all the time. Like when you move to Canada and develop a brand new, never-before-seen panic disorder during your mandatory 14-day quarantine. One of the preventative measures he recommended was some kind of exercise routine. Apparently, these kinds of things are not necessarily triggered by anyContinue reading “Biking Around Vancouver: Trip #1 (2/22/21)”

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