1/29 Updated (Exposition)

References (Working Title) It was during Dani’s 2-4pm shift at the bicycle co-op – a lower-level garage, truthfully – when William at the saw-horse desk typed on his phone, blew on his fingers to warm them, and began the letter she had asked him to write, which he had agreed to, though he hadn’t realizedContinue reading “1/29 Updated (Exposition)”

The Stranger UPDATED 1/28 A.L

The Stranger  The mood was particularly gray that January morning. Looking outside the frosted glass of her kitchen window, Mae wondered if the sun would ever shine again. It had been 6 months since she had heard from him last. She wondered if he was looking out into the same gray sky and wondering whereContinue reading “The Stranger UPDATED 1/28 A.L”

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