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This is a collection of stories, thoughts and writings from The Collective Group

We are a co-op of writers. Thank you for coming to enjoy our reading. Share some love or comments — we would love to hear from you.

Daily Writing Posts

What is Sacred Space?

A Call for Place Based Writing and Understanding Space Why Sacred Space?  What is sacred? Although sacred is described as something that is holy and religious — since marrying an architect I have come to know that all spaces which are intentionally created are sacred. What dwells in these places call their space home. ForContinue reading “What is Sacred Space?”

Why Multimodal?

Bad Habits For far too long educators have hidden behind their basal’s and state tests. They preach the 5-paragraph-essay because it “works” and gives the “best results.” They often claim they offer choice which normally looks like having students decide between two prompts and using a five-paragraph essay to respond. Enough is enough. Unfortunately asContinue reading “Why Multimodal?”

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