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This is a collection of stories, thoughts and writings from The Collective

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Daily Writing Posts

Find Someone Who…

Makes you feel like a million bucks– even in your jammies. Froths your almond milk to make your coffee extra special on a Tuesday Holds your toddler in the dark of the night, not concerned about loss of sleep, but rocking gently and slowly Let’s you ugly cry and never moves their arms from aroundContinue reading “Find Someone Who…”

You are More

To all who have started state testing… this is for you and for myself. Dear Teacher, Wherever you are, you have had quite the year. You have reinvented the wheel more times than you can count. You possibly have quarintained multiple times due to close contact with your students. You have taught online, online andContinue reading “You are More”


Here’s to three. Our son- May your giggles outweigh your tears May you wake up every morning and still be in awe of the sunrise May the moon make you smile And open fields cause you to run free May the Lord draw close to you You are so precious to us We adore you.Continue reading “3”

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